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Goodbye Galleon

Sunday Lunchtime Music at the Galleon is no more.


24[?] years ago I happened to walk into a very empty pub when Roy the landlord was discussing getting some jazz musicians in on Sunday lunchtimes to boost trade.Two of the 5 or 6 guys sitting at the bar pointed at me and said "this is your man".

The following Sunday I turned up with Pete "P.D." Williams and it went well. I never imagined that I would still be doing it in 2017!

I owe those 2 guys a drink!

           John "J.T." Thomlinson:

"Sunday lunchtime music at the Galleon…over two decades of our music…and four management couples, the first being Roy and Judith, who originally booked Pete Berryman  with P D Williams on piano (a lovely man with a voice like Nat King Cole). After the sudden death of PD, Pete invited me to bring my piano along and join himself and Stu Porter, who eventually left and Keith Marshall joined us on drums. Little did I realise then that the trio would be together for so long. Over the years we had so many musicians and singers who would 'sit in' during the last set. I also met so many people who would come back to Fowey on holiday and greet us as if they had been there the week before!

    Unfortunately, things come to an end and I was so disappointed to hear that the Sunday lunchtime sessions had been dropped. Sadly, the end of an era!"

So, thanks to all of you who have supported us over the years, customers and musicians. It has been an absolute delight to see happy faces and hear your appreciation. Yes, we were only playing background music but try and tell that to a bunch of wide-eyed kids who would stand mesmerised by these crazy adults who were enjoying themselves playing music together. 

Your faces became familiar to us; you would return when on holiday, or for family celebrations, or for your monthly dinner with loved ones. There'd be  new partners, old friends, kids now grown into adults.

Some of you came every week, early so you could get a table near us before it got busy. We became friends, if only for an hour or two  but some long-term. We knew your favourite songs and what you didn't like.

Some of you are no longer with us, including musicians. Most notably P.D.Williams, a true gentleman and an engaging musician, much loved by his audience. PD and I started the ball rolling and  the momentum was maintained by many fine musicians, mostly JT, Keith Marshall, Stu Porter and Bob Holland  but also .....see list below. But first some pics.

Pete "PD" Williams
John JT Tomlinson
Small Heading
Stu Porter
Stu, JT, Pete
Keith Marshall
 Galleon slaves!
Fly me to the moon
Look out!
Max Turnbull
Pete Kubryk     Townsend
Tony Oreshko
Gill Butler
Angus Lamond
Roger "Chucklefoot" Butler
watched by Joy & Tony King
Mungo Jerry's Paul King takes centre stage
Swinging Carl Swingler
Pete Cottridge
Todd & Pete
Roger Styles
Marcus Vergette
Cy Brandl
Bob Holland
Jimmy Cannon
Sara Harris
Simon Latarche
Dan Roach
Kim Guy & Steve Hunt
Alex Cockle
Patrick Gilbert
Larry Johns
Tristan Seume
Small Heading
Small Heading
Claudia Lang-Colmer
Alan " Groucho" Mark
Matt Johns
Vanessa Williams Johnson
Philip Brown
Djazz Celtica
Nancy Finch
Jumping Out
Selena Rogers

And many more including Steve Turner, Paul Starling, Tauniua Cook, Jon Fry, Mike Teague, Nellie Young. David Franklin, Carlos, Lin Davey, Dellen..... thank you all so much. Special thanks to Andy Gibbs who took many of the photos whilst holidaying twice yearly at the Galleon with his family. Here he is playing a blues with us:

If you have any comments or memories of the Galleon days please send them to and I'll endeavour to add them to this page, if you wish.

The Sunday Lunchtimes at the Galleon page on Facebook will remain open for a while but I won't be posting on it. While you're here why not check out my site and see what I'm up to.    



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