In September 2017 I recorded 12 songs, 2 instrumentals and a poem in RMS Studios in Croydon with the help of Andy Le Vien and Wizz Jones. Wizz also played powerfully on one track and Anne Sumner [harmony vocals] ,Mike Piggott [violin], and Ben Hazleton [double bass] sprinkled stardust on some others. 

The project is supported by creative. practical and financial contributions.

Thank you all.

Due to the changes in how we listen to music - the decline of CD sales and even digital downloads [ except from the websites of particular self-producing artists you are interested in] and the rise of streaming, this album will be released mid-summer 2018.


Released May 26th 2017

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Fellow acoustic guitar innovators and long-time friends Wizz Jones and Pete Berryman have unmistakable styles that beautifully complement each other. With textured accompaniment by Simeon Jones on saxophone, harmonica and flute this is an album of great song writing and seamless musicianship.

Acoustic Guitar Solos

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"Pete explores various moods and influences with equal respect for folk jazz and celtic roots with his delicate fingerstyle technique. His love for the acoustic guitar and it's ability for nuance and subtlety is showcased in this album of fresh and highly original compositions. Enjoy" 


Ralph McTell

"This collection of instrumentals is simply wonderful. The opening tune, "Columbine," recalls fingerstyle jazz more than the British fingerstyle school typified by Graham, Jansch or Renbourn. In fact, his instrumentals suggest an underlying narrative, in keeping with his achievements as a songwriter and in other venues, including theater and film. Berryman's rich chord voicings and gentle attack resembles some of John James' instrumental work from the 1970s. "PS Waltz 2" approaches dissonance and is an effective, if pensive, closer to this rare jewel of a CD." 


Patrick Ragains - Minor 7th

There's no doubting that Pete Berryman's an outstanding guitar player, but THE RETURN does more than just showcase his finger-picking talents -  it proves he's a great composer too.

Dan Coxon - Acoustic

Free with the album download: a PNG file of the cover




Pete Berryman has been making fine guitar music for a few decades now, and this latest album, based on traditional Cornish tunes and songs, is as good as anything he’s recorded in the past. The word ‘based’ is the key: on tracks such as Delyo Syvy (“the ultimate Cornish song”) and Plethyn Newlyn, the original tune is used as a springboard for explorations using full, rich chording and sinuous melody lines; the St Just Cock Dance is perhaps the best example of this, with the stamping rhythms of the traditional tune framed by delicate intro and exit playing, while The White Rose brings sensitive, measured slack-key playing into the mix - anyone for the Hawaii/Cornwall border tradition? There are three Berryman originals, of which The Ghosts Of May is spooky and Pentyr  is the standout track, with swooping impressionistic bass runs evoking the Atlantic rollers on the shore. 

Caution: master at work.


Ian Kearey

fRoots. March 2011. No. 333

On his new solo guitar album The Ghosts Of May (Zefredot), Berryman wordlessly investigates Cornish tradition over twelve finely-wrought tracks (most traditional, some newly-penned). This album is warm and inviting, and far from just a showcase for Berryman’s (obvious) guitar virtuosity." Jeanette Leach, Shindig

Free with the album download: a pdf file including cover art and background to the tunes by Cornish music guv'nor Merv Davey in conversation with Pete Berryman.

Acoustic Guitar Duets


with Adrian O'Reilly

This is one of my favourites, recorded in 1996 with my good friend Adrian who's an inspired and passionate player. It never got the attention it probably deserved because we weren't touring. Some very good tunes on here- see what you think, go to Acoustic Music Records for sound samples and a chance to buy.

The Five Corners Playlist

This is a selection of tunes and songs from different times, situations and albums.
De Vijfhoek, The Five Corners, is an old neighbourhood in central Haarlem, Holland , with a bar of the same name at it's centre, where I'm pictured playing. The Martin guitar belonged to Michiel Buijen, who lived a few metres away. He and Ad van der Horst were my first Dutch friends [1972] , both no longer with us. I'd like to dedicate this playlist to them. You can hear Ad's flute on Malekula. Prepare to be moved.

Pete Berryman

Anne Sumner

Ben Hazleton 


Mike Piggott

Wizz Jones

Tony Corden

Andy Le Vien

vocals, guitar



double bass









Produced by


with the help of

Pete & Wizz

RMS Studios

      2019 Pete Berryman

      2019 Zefredot


1    Holiday  

2    Trip Lightly 

3    Living on an Island                 

4    Distant Shore

5    Pentyr

6    The Fool

7    Ring of Beara

8    The Mermaid of

      Hampstead Heath










1   Holiday

2   Trip Lightly

3   Living on an Island

4   Distant Shore

5   Pentyr

6   The Fool

7   Ring of Beara

8   The Mermaid of

     Hampstead Heath

9   Amare

10  Tattoos & Intimate  


11  Haarlem Barcycle

12  When the Moon Shines

      on the Water

13  Wings of Beauty

14  As the Old Man

       Played the Guitar

15  Seven Tractors

10  Tattoos & Intimate  


11  Haarlem Barcycle

12  When the Moon Shines

      on the Water

13  Wings of Beauty

14  As the Old Man

       Played the Guitar

15  Seven Tractors


 9    Amare

10   Tattoos & Intimate  


11    Haarlem Barcycle

12    When the Moon Shines

        on the Water

13    Wings of Beauty

14    As the Old Man

        Played the Guitar

15    Seven Tractors








10  Tattoos & Intimate  


11  Haarlem Barcycle

12  When the Moon Shines

      on the Water

13  Wings of Beauty

14  As the Old Man

       Played the Guitar

15  Seven Tractors

All titles written by Pete Berryman

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