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     Sublime journey through time with                      a man and his guitar

 Over the years Pete Berryman has played with some of the greats in folk music and has travelled the world with his guitar, so he has plenty of stories. However, these aren’t the usual tales told while re-tuning guitars in folk clubs.

In Six String Adventures Pete has honed the words. His stories are tight, paced, and poetic. We lie in a bunk aboard Greenpeace boat Fri, watching the wooden planks in the hull move in and out with the pressure of the waves as she rides out an ocean storm. We stand on a volcanic island as it shakes. We have nowhere to run as armed forces charge into a gig in Africa. We witness the recording of a world famous folk song, which almost wasn’t sung that day. There are explosions, piranha fish, flying foxes, benders and Cadillacs.

Interweaving the stories is a subtle and beautiful musical journey through wonderful homages to such greats as Wizz Jones, Davy Graham, Ralph McTell, Diz Disley and a particularly lovely Nuages by Django Reinhardt.  And Pete’s own beautiful songs and compositions. A sublime evening, it was entertaining, funny and poignant – social history told in words and music.


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