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The Return

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[acoustic guitar solos]

"Pete explores various moods and influences with equal respect for folk jazz and celtic roots with his delicate fingerstyle technique. His love for the acoustic guitar and it's ability for nuance and subtlety is showcased in this album of fresh and highly original compositions. Enjoy" 


Ralph McTell

"This collection of instrumentals is simply wonderful. The opening tune, "Columbine," recalls fingerstyle jazz more than the British fingerstyle school typified by Graham, Jansch or Renbourn. In fact, his instrumentals suggest an underlying narrative, in keeping with his achievements as a songwriter and in other venues, including theater and film. Berryman's rich chord voicings and gentle attack resembles some of John James' instrumental work from the 1970s. "PS Waltz 2" approaches dissonance and is an effective, if pensive, closer to this rare jewel of a CD." 


Patrick Ragains - Minor 7th

There's no doubting that Pete Berryman's an outstanding guitar player, but THE RETURN does more than just showcase his finger-picking talents -  it proves he's a great composer too.

Dan Coxon - Acoustic

Free with the album download: a PNG file of the cover

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